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What are 2 kinds of violence found in literature

To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Comments 30 at 8: It describes the two swimmers that are battling it out fighting to kill the each other.

The sergeant is describing that Macbeth is a villain of nature and won the vicious battle. This is a type of violence is actual fighting and battling it out. After the arrival of the other vampires the battle begins over Edward protecting Bella and the other vampires killing her.

By viewing this from different sides you can see two different types of violence. From the side of Edward protecting Bella you see that this violence is out of love and affection over Bella. He had committed--would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper--the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever.

  • By viewing this from different sides you can see two different types of violence;
  • White Fang is forced to brutally battle and kill other dogs;
  • This battle more firmly cements Optimus' position in the Autobots;
  • The first is violence from character, which is deliberately written without reason or purpose;
  • The sergeant is describing that Macbeth is a villain of nature and won the vicious battle.

You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you. The text above describes physical and mental suffering. The person is trying to figure why there's violence, and after the violence comes more and more struggles.

This person is fighting physically with what's fighting him, and mentally with himself. Amber Moore said at 11: The first category is the specific injury that an author causes such as shootings, stabbings, bombings, poisonings, and many more of course.

However, the second category is merely narrative violence that causes harm to characters in general. This category of death and suffering is used to advance the plot or develop the story.

To show the two kinds of violence and their differing effects, an example of both categories are described below. The first category of violence is written deliberately by the author without a specific reason or purpose for it. The violence may not affect the plot, but it will potentially create the mood or theme for a work.

An example to delineate the first category of violence described by Foster can be found in The Long Walk by Stephen King. The novel is a fictional telling of a grotesque contest in a city where boys are forced to walk a treacherous journey with no food or water, and the last boy left standing or the first to make it to the finish line wins. The author is using this violence to set the tone of the story, to create the mood of death and harm, and ignite a sense of danger in the minds of the readers and main characters in the story.

Since this violence is done directly from the author for no reason relating to plot, this violence fits in the first category described by Foster. This type of violence has a very specific purpose beyond just gore and action. An example of this category of violence is depicted in the novel The Great Gatsby by F.

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The reader later learns that it was Daisy driving. Kiera Lawhorn said at 1: Mother hits me in the face, and I topple to the floor. I know better than to stand there and take the hit. I learned the hard way that she takes that as an act of defiance, which means more hits, or worst of all, no food. I regain my posture and dodge her looks, as she screams into my ears. I act timid, nodding to her threats.

Hit me again, but I have to have food. I let the tears of mock defeat stream down my face as she storms out of the kitchen, seemingly satisfied with herself.

This type of violence actually contributed to the novel. The other type of violence is just used to enhance the novel, but not affecting the plot. In the novel, House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, an elderly what are 2 kinds of violence found in literature is dying. He wants to make a clone of himself, but there is too much trouble for that. His clone, Matt, escapes the house and makes a run for it. While he is escaping, he has no food, no water, and no materials for survival.

This type of violence enhances the story, but no actual physical injury has occurred. PaigeA said at 2: Twilight has several different places where violence was used. In the first book, Twilight obviously Bella gets cornered by one of the "evil" Vampires and tries to kill her but not before torturing her. Of course, Edward comes in to save the day along with some vampire friends and the battle continues.

The different fight scenes in this book really enhance the different stages that they go through or have happen to them. It really brings out the seriousness of it all I suppose. The other type of violence I found was from The Crucible.

Since Violence can vary in different was such as physical or emotional, I think that the hangings and the way people manipulated answers out of the citizens was an emotional violence which, of course, ultimately leads to physical. Even when they were being hanged, it still had an emotional effect on the people that watched, at least the people who didn't cheer.

What are two types of violence found in literature and how are the effects different?

The first kind of violence in literature includes the usual range of behavior- shootings, stabbings, garroting, drowning, poisonings, bludgeoning, bombings, hit-and-run accidents, and starvations. Odysseus is the main character in the book. He fought monsters and dragons to protect himself throughout his journey.

More Than It's Gonna Hurt You: Concerning Violence

The second kind of violence in literature is the narrative violence that causes characters harm in general. This deals with death and suffering for which the characters are not responsible. This book demonstrates the dramatis suffering Jesus went through to save us from our sins. Julia Stewart said at 6: The society they live in doesn't allow twins.

If twins are born, then numerous tests are taken, and the Nurturers must choose which one of the two is the biggest and healthiest one. They they do with the smaller, weaker twin is kill it. They have a Nurturer penetrate a vein in the soft spot of a babies head anterior fontaneland inject it with some type of killing liquid. For the other type of violence in Literature can again be found in The Giver. The receiver is to hold onto images, memories, colors, and feelings from the other citizens.

The last one to be chosen was a girl named Rosemary. Once she was given a memory of loneliness, her whole mindset changed.

  • What are the two types of literature?
  • Amber Moore said at 11;
  • She knew the images, and memories would only get worse.

It was her duty to have them all, so no matter what kind of memory it was they had to continue transferring. She then felt anguish, hunger, poverty, and terror. It all became so overwhelming, one day after her one of her lessons she went right to the Chief Elder, and asked to be released. She basically asked them to kill her. She knew the images, and memories would only get worse. She was afraid of that. So she saved herself in the only way she knew how. Elijah Barton said at 6: The book Goldeneye is an example of a violent main character.

James Bond is the main character of Goldeneye and uses violence to get what he wants, like information,jewelry, or an expensive artifact. The second type of violence is violence is violence against the character. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is an example of this type violence.

Aslan is one of the main characters of this book and he is sacrificed to save Edmund who had been captured by the White Witch of Narnia. Physical violence directly affects the plot of the book while mental more emotional violence does not.

A great example of physical violence can be noted in the "Crucible". In this novel many people are being killed throughout the story such as an old man by the name of George who was stone till death.

An example of "mental" violence can be noted in the book "If you come softly".

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In this novel one of the main characters, Jeremiah, did not know how to accept the color of his skin, which made him hard yet more open to changes and more open to his surroundings. Many women in the story are victims of physical violence; however, the main character, 12 year-old Pecola Breedlove, is the victim of all sorts of violence including physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological.

JordanJ said at 8: This is the final scene of the book where Macbeth is battling Macduff. When Macbeth founds out Macduff is not woman born he becomes filled with fear and is not wanting to fight Macduff.

What are the two types of violence mentioned in How to read literature like a professor?

Macduff ends up winning the battle. I would describe this kind of violence as vengeance. Another type of violece I would describe would be from the movie Pearl Harbor. This is one of my all time favorite movies. The most violent part i would say would be the Japenese boming Pearl Harbor. I would descirbe this as evil becaue the Japanewse killed thousands of innocent Americans just to prove a point because we would not give them oil.

Paul D said at 8: First is the specific injury that characters visit on one another or themselves. This is the usual person-to- person violence that is inflicted on oneself.