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A debate about the touchy subject of discipline in schools

If you make it clear to somebody that a particular action will result, not only in long-term consequences, but short-term consequences as well, than that person will make an effort to avoid the unwanted consequences. We need to increase discipline because children in schools are unable to comprehend the long-term consequences of their actions such as not getting a job.

We need to provide more short term consequences that these children will understand and respond to such as detentions and the like.

One more step

Schools have had less violence and bullying through the years, because of how we have improved discipline. Teachers should never rule through fear, they should be respected. Caning an unstable student will only further aggravate his hatred against the school.

What we need to do is help the people who misbehave, rather than cane them. If we start caning children, surely adults should receive the same punishments.

Discipline In Schools Needs To Be Improved

Break out the whips and chains! Pain and abuse all the time will just cause fear and resentment. It will just create bullies and problems.

  • This causes disruption within the whole classroom as the teacher has to settle down the student;
  • While in the early 1800s most high schools and all colleges admitted only men, the mid-19th century saw more—albeit separate—opportunities for women Oberlin College, the first co-educational college in the world, which opened in 1833, was the exception to the single-sex schools of the period;
  • Huckleberry Fin was proof of that and I think Mark Twain was a genius for saying so;
  • Behind the educational controversy is a war over political ideology, between those who assert that minority students exhibit more discipline problems because of issues of poverty and lack of parental support, and those who maintain that the education system in the U;
  • How wide a role does a public school play in the social and moral guidance of its students?
  • It is still in its early stages, however.

Do you want a whole generation of people that think to make people learn you have to beat and abuse them If you use whips and chains, why don't you use the whips and chains on adult criminals too? Respect Discipline in schools need to be improved because it will teach children respect. Respect is a value that is need by all ages, and is a continuous effort throughout your life.

Respect not only constitutes towards your elders, but also anyone around you. Respect is a value that is learned as people grow up. In order for respect to be learned, it needs to be implemented at a young age. By disciplining students for the lack of respect in school, they will learn the value of respect. This is an important aspect because it is a value that is used throughout your whole life. Imagine if you did not learn respect, and you were at work a debate about the touchy subject of discipline in schools disrespected your boss.

With this lack of respect, you could be fired from your job and be unemployed because the economy is so bad there are not other jobs available. This would lead to a poor sad life. Earning to much so called "respect" will just lead to fear and resentment. Also, respect is not taught, or planted. Respect has to be earned. Children have to go through their own experiences to decide between the two. However, without proper discipline when making the wrong decisions, children will never be able to learn exactly what is right.

By importing discipline, children will be able to see the differences between right and wrong because of the discipline from their actions.

This will make them learn from their mistakes and associate bad with discipline and good with rewards. With children being disciplined with their wrong decisions, this will help them learn from their mistakes. In the future they will no longer make the same mistakes from the past and continue on a better path. Their previously made mistakes will be with them forever, and will never be made again. Classroom environment Discipline in schools needs not be improved so the classroom environment is conducive to learning.

When this happens, the focus is on the student opposed to the teacher.

A debate about the touchy subject of discipline in schools

This causes disruption within the whole classroom as the teacher has to settle down the student. With discipline implemented into the school system, these occurrences would be minimal. Teacher would not have to focus their time on rowdy students because they would already be disciplined in school. This would make the classroom more focused on learning and would not have any setbacks with out of control students.

This would then lead to teachers being able to get through their whole curriculum and the students will be getting their whole learning experience. This will lead the children to a successful learning experience and adequately prepare them for the next level.

  • Although proponents cite examples of people whose situations have improved, the methods remain controversial because they have not been able to offer significant results to hopeful parents and students;
  • For students who have trouble incorporating on-campus courses into their schedules, online education allows those who otherwise may not have been able to further their education to complete a degree or learn about a new topic;
  • Furthermore, pressure to meet goals and incentives to compete with neighboring states tempts administration and teachers to falsify test results or assist students in cheating, as in the case of a school in Norristown, Georgia, whose superintendent and 34 subordinates were arrested in 2013 for fraudulently tampering with administration of a standardized test;
  • Capitalizing on currently lax gun laws, some states have already started to arm teachers, arguing that with the proper training, the staff will be able to defend the school;
  • Prayer in school controversy essay;;
  • In 2004, in a math course designed for inmates at the Arkansas Department of Correction, a math teacher was chastised for using drug references as part of his introductory math class, including incorporating the formula for producing methadone into a word problem, and using grams of cocaine as units of measurements in problem sets.

It would be good for the civilization i thought. Beat those little fuckers.

  • Controversial and hot issues at school it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are always controversial and hot issues when the debate in the schools is;
  • Not as drastic as flipping a school, a blended classroom can incorporate technology as the teacher or the needs of the class dictate;
  • The photos, dating back to 1940, depicted naked male college students with metal pins affixed to their spines from the front, side, and rear views;
  • Disciplinary versus integrated curriculum education-based debates this perception bestows considerable power on discipline-based subjects;
  • Based on its findings, the federal government recommended a series of guidelines for schools to examine the connection between race and punishment, and to impose more balanced disciplinary actions;
  • Dissection choice laws, which require schools to obtain parental consent before engaging in dissection or animal experimentation with students, generally apply to all grades below college, and vary by state.

School is filled with a bunch of little snot nosed undisciplined shits. If you gave me 30 seconds and a strong beating stick I could get em learnin in seconds. This would only teach them that violence is ok. We need to teach them other ways of dealing with issues. We need to teach this generation to be better than the previous. Yes in a way. It should be for those kids who are the worst. But for the ones who are good and do thire work then no. Group discipline or personal discipline?

I think that as long as our societies morality standing continues to crumble, there isn't much point in pushing for stricter discipline. You can hit a student every day over the head with a ruler, and there will still be rebellion. Huckleberry Fin was proof of that and I think Mark Twain was a genius for saying so. I do agree that something needs to be done about the problem with the younger generations crumbling morality, however, stronger discipline is not the solution.