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Why do you think miller chose the title the crucible for the play essay

The courtroom in Act three is a crucial point in the play where each character is put under pressure and this exposes each of their weaknesses.

Why Did Arthur Miller Call His Play 'The Crucible'?

The effect of the tense courtroom environment forces the audience to speculate on the reactions of all the characters. By doing so Miller shows that you cannot always dictate human nature or behaviour.

The court refused to hear their testimony and Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse were sentenced to be hanged. Elizabeth is pregnant and her trial was adjourned but Proctor is overcome by a sense of loyalty and chooses to help his friends.

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This shows Proctor has good morals and principles. One of the few instances where the audience can predict what will happen is when Proctor confesses. This is because of the events leading up to the end of Act Two. Courtrooms are the perfect setting for problems to explode because courtroom dramas are full of accusations and confessions.

This makes events and circumstances unpredictable which only heightens the drama.

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Miller uses a courtroom to play out Proctors confession because it heightens the drama. This makes the outcome of the court proceedings equally as shocking. In my opinion, the events in Act Four are not as tense as in Act Three because the truth has been revealed and the characters are just left to deal with the consequences of their actions.

This is not as dramatic as the events in Act Three because all the characters decisions have been made so there is no more pressure or tension. The courtroom symbolises a Crucible in the sense that the purpose of a courtroom is to force the truth to come out.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

The truth creates tension and which makes people react in strange ways. For example, Danforth is forcing Proctor to tell the truth. This distressed Francis and Proctor. However Proctors temper flares again when Giles Corey is arrested for refusing to give the name of the person who made accusations to him about Thomas Putnam. The actions and words of the main characters in Act Three are dramatically effective and significant to the rest of the play.

  • In what ways do you think The Crucible is a criticism of McCarthy and his ways?
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  • For example, Danforth is forcing Proctor to tell the truth;
  • This is because of the events leading up to the end of Act Two;
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In this scene Abigail Williams has the most power because she is controlling the court through manipulation and deceit. Abigail uses mass hysteria about the devil to cloud the courts logic and reasoning.

She indulges in play-acting to keep control of the situation. She seeks to gain power and will destroy anyone who threatens to stand in her way i.

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Proctor has the power to ruin Abigail and for this reason she attempts to divert the courts attention. For this reason she tries to corrupt the theocratic society so that she can live the life that she wants.