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The significance of maslows motivational need theory essay

Hire Writer However, it is unfortunate that the progress among individuals is interrupted by their failure to meet the lower level needs Rodgers, 2003. Some circumstances that people find themselves in make them to take decisions that do not observe the hierarchy needs as described by Maslow.

Similarly, events like divorce or loss of job can make a person to fluctuate between the different levels of hierarchy needs. In this case, considering the nature of consumption in the market, and the relationship that exists between the individual needs and the decisions that are made in the buying process, it is easier for marketers to understand why the customers make various purchase decisions.

Physiological needs Considering the physiological demands of individuals which are at the bottom of the pyramid, these are basic needs to all individuals and all people need to strive to satisfy them Rakowski, 2011. These needs are a priority to all individuals in the market and there is no way that a consumer could loop through the physiological needs to satisfy any other needs in the market Rakowski, 2011. Until the basic physiological needs of an individual are satisfied, most of the activities of an individual will be aimed at achieving the needs at this level and this therefore makes the other needs to provide insignificant motivation to individuals.

There are many companies which have the main objective of selling foods and drinks. From a business perspective, the main goal is to find a way through which they sell their products to the prospect consumers in the market Yalch, 1996. When it comes to the challenges that are associated with convincing the customers to make purchases, the selling of foods is found to be easier as compared to other products Oleson, 2004.

This mainly because food is a basic requirement for all people and all people need to eat or take some of the drinks. However, the costs or the prices of the products serve that the significance of maslows motivational need theory essay greatest determinant of the ability of the consumer to purchase the desired product.

When making such purchasing decisions, McDonald may not be a healthier choice for a customer, however, it gets the needs filled and it does that cheaply.

  • Self-Actualisation Once all the other needs are achieved, the consumers find themselves in a position of self-actualisation McGuire, 2012;
  • In Islam, there are four circles or areas that, at various levels that should be highlighted in order to explain the social significance of the teaching of Islam, from the family to the Ummah and finally to the whole of humankind.

There are many other companies that deal in the manufacture and sell of beds. In this case, the need for sleep is high, but the difference arises as the customers try to get or improve the quality of their sleep.

In the case of people who are less fortunate, it is essential to understand that it is difficult for them to easily satisfy their physiological needs. For most of the consumers in this category, their main worry is whether they will be able to meet their next meal.

For most of the other consumers, it is about establishing a fine dining experience. This explains where the marketers spend much of their time and money in making advertisements and other cost lowering efforts. When the costs that are associated with the purchase of a given product are low, the amount of time that is spent on making such kind of decisions is lowered.

  1. FT Pearson, Chap on Work motivation in course text. Unusual sense of humor; 6.
  2. Maslow 1943, 1954 stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs and that some needs take precedence over others.
  3. Maslow, in defense of himself, responded that there was no other way to study self- actualizers, although he admits that his research did not meet the rigors of scientific research.
  4. When making such purchasing decisions, McDonald may not be a healthier choice for a customer, however, it gets the needs filled and it does that cheaply. In reference to the marketing approaches that are adopted by these firms in the market, the ability of a firm to convince the target customers that they offer the best services is critical.
  5. Sahabah during prophet time also very competent in their area of specialty.

Therefore, the marketers have to determine the fact that they are always the first things that comes into mind. Safety needs The category of the safety needs is more complex as compared to the physiological needs Rodgers, 2003.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The safety needs do not consider short-term and immediate as the physiological needs since they deal with long-term issues Oleson, 2004. Companies like linked in and monster. This makes such companies to have a strong foundation since they are able to separate themselves from other companies in order to ensure that they are able to draw consumers towards them. Given the nature of the safety needs among the consumers, most people are found to spend much more time in making their decisions relating to their choices.

In the modern business environment, the need for people to secure their safety and security has led to a significant growth in the types of businesses in many different areas Kreitner, 20. In reference to the marketing approaches that are adopted by these firms in the market, the ability of a firm to convince the target customers that they offer the best services is critical.

Though cost still remains a crucial factor in the decision making process among the buyers, safety is an aspect that most people are willing spend huge sums of money to ensure that they are safe. In reference to this, many banking and insurance institutions spend significantly huge amounts of funds in ensuring that their clients plan their future Solomon, 2009.

In this case, these companies compete in offering rational information to the consumers. Sense of belonging Love, friendship and sense of belonging are the two key aspects that dictate how a person feels when they interact with others Kreitner, 20.

The need of getting support, affection and connection with others is a significant part of experience that people have in life.


Currently, dating sites are banking on the needs of people to establish friendship, love and acceptance. This has led to the boom of the number of dating websites which receive significant following. Almost all the dating sites that have been well marketed have always reported significant growth.

For instance, the purchase of certain products by individuals is influenced by the reference group. There are many different companies that offer consumers with various ways through which they can feel and enjoy life as a family group. Disney which is a fortune 500 company has always ensured that the trip that it offers families to Orlando is full of memories that last among the family members for a relatively long period of time. Such kind of family trips or other outings for instance to dinner parties are always marketed as techniques that improve the family bonding experience.

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Facebook is a good example of how the need for love, friendship and belonging can be fulfilled among people. Although the social websites are free for the customers, they capitalise on the need of belonging and association among people and they make significant gains from advertisements that are made by companies which have now shifted to making social media advertisements.

Esteem Needs The esteem needs have created much of consumerism that has made this country to be what it is today Kreitner, 2009. This takes us back to the need of belonging were some people need to be associated with a certain group and they therefore make their purchase decisions based on their reference group.

There are many different companies that are investing based on the esteem needs that individuals are found to have in the society. The personality of an individual is closely aligned with the esteem of an individual and his ability to strengthen the powers of achieving his needs Yalch, 1996. According to the Maslow hierarchy need theory, the needs the significance of maslows motivational need theory essay come lower in the pyramid are portrayed to be superior to those coming at the upper sections of the pyramid; however, the esteem needs are significantly essential as well in regard to the purchasing behaviour of individuals Rakowski, 2011.

For instance, very many companies dealing in many different products as far as the hairstyles, colognes consumers make many different purchase decisions nearly on a daily basis. Since some decisions that the customers make are long-term; for instance, in the purchase of a car, there is a significant need for extensive analysis and a significant need for better marketing. Self-Actualisation Once all the other needs are achieved, the consumers find themselves in a position of self-actualisation McGuire, 2012.

This indicates that at this level, the consumers are not cumbered by external forces since they have established a good understanding of what they want to become and who they are. At this point, the marketers are aware that these kinds of people are not easily convinced by the marketing activities. This is because this is the segment that order tor custom made products.

  1. It is not advised to set un achievable goals as they may have a detrimental effect on motivation.
  2. Unusual sense of humor; 6. Theorists gave rise to two different types of motivation theories.
  3. His studies as mentioned in the following paragraphs have led him to believe that people have certain needs which are unchanging and genetic in origin.

This explains why companies like the automobile companies provide an opportunity for people to custom design their vehicles. These people are charged significantly huge amounts in order to achieve their desires. There are many automobile, construction and housing companies and many other companies that make significant gains by providing the customers with a chance to custom design their products. This is evidenced from the many different companies that are found to make significant gains by focusing on satisfying various levels of individual needs.

In conclusion, based on the findings of the study conducted above, it is clear that as the consumers move up the hierarchy of needs, money becomes less a consideration for purchase. Theory and Research, Routledge, New Jersey. Motivational theories, 8th edn, Cengage Learning.