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Short essay about the benefits of the internet to man

Monday, 3 January 2011 Benefits of Internet in Learning Process Internet is a computer system that can connect one computer to other computers through links. Almost everybody have ever heard the word internet, but not every of them use internet.

  • Due to high flexibility and convenience of the internet, the number of users is increasing each day;
  • Millions of people have access to the internet facility today and they use it for banking, shopping, learning and for many other simple as well as complex purposes;
  • While on the internet we should be careful and take responsibility of our actions;
  • The trend of internet has now transformed to an addiction.

Nowadays, internet not only can be accessed through computers, but also through mobile phones. People who do not have a computer or mobile phone but they want to get information from internet can access internet in the internet cafe. The internet cafe has provided an internet access with different charges and facilities. Internet is not only used for single person, but also for institutions. If internet is used to connect in a world wide access, there is intranet which is the system of computer that connects one computer to the others in a local area.

Short essay about advantages and disadvantages of internet

Usually an institution uses both of internet and intranet to do its job. There are many benefits of internet to people or institutions. For educational institutions such as schools, they use internet to get information in the worldwide and intranet to teach ICT. There are several benefits of internet to students in the learning process such as: First, the main benefit of internet in the learning process is that internet gives information and materials about the lesson.

Of course students need sources for their study. Usually, the materials from books are not enough yet, so they have to find other sources. They can look for the materials about bones in their books.

Life without internet Essay

The materials have not enough yet, so they need to find another source. They can look for it in the internet. If they do not know about the website which provides those materials, they can look for it by using a search engine. The materials that they get can be more up to date than the materials from books. Beside they get the materials about the lesson, they also can get the exercise about that lesson.

Short essay about the benefits of the internet to man

Sometimes, websites also provide electronic books that well known as E-book for free. Second, by learning from internet, students will be attracted to learn second language. It is caused by the language that is used in internet is not always their mother language.

  • Hire Writer Email in the internet is one of important communication tools;
  • People are discussed in a very young child i recall my technology in the internet;
  • Through internet they can try to have a conversation with natives to increase their English abilities;
  • An internet connection these days is quite easy to establish at homes and offices;
  • Students can select any paragraph on Internet according to their particular requirement;
  • The various fields in which internet is used are as follows:

Most websites use English to give information for students. As an illustration, students need to find information. They have found one, but it was presented in English.

Paragraph on Internet

If they do not know English, of course it will be hard for them to understand the contents. Through internet they can try to have a conversation with natives to increase their English abilities.

Students can get information about the culture in some nations in the world. This will give more courage for students to know and learn second language.

  • It provides all kinds of services which a human being needs such as money transactions, reading books, booking hotels and restaurants, buying stuff, communicating and many other useful purposes;
  • We have to teach certain set cyber rules to small kids and teenagers especially so that they can stay away from exploitation and other crimes while on the internet.

Third, learning through internet can get an easier mobility. Sometimes by using internet, we do not need to buy books for reference and sources of study. They can get more up to date information than the information from the books.

This is caused by the information from a book has not enough yet, that is why student need to find another book to complete the information. Students do not need to bring many thick books because they can download e-books from internet and save it into flash drives or disks. Students just need to bring notebook or open the e-book in the computer at the library. In conclusion, there are many benefits of internet whether for students or everyone who use internet.

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Three of them have been mentioned above, they are get information or materials of the lesson, get attracted in learning second language, and get an easier mobility. It will be wise if students use internet for educational purpose and do not access the websites which have certain terms and conditions to access. Because the websites that have certain conditions like age contain information for people who have reach that age.

Students also have to maintain their schedule in access internet. It is not wise if they keep access internet and forget their responsibility to study.