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Say no to drugs and alcohol essay

They destroy a person from inside outwards.

Say No to Drugs

It starts affecting the organs eventually reaching the brain and can even become fatal when taken in a large quantity or for a long time. Playing with the nervous system can never turn out to be good in the longer run. There are various forms of drug abuse or as the bigger term is known, substance abuse. It entails drugs, alcohol and everything that makes a person high and calms their senses rendering them inactive for a couple of hours or days.


The biggest myth related to drug abuse is that people who do it lack moral values which is not the case. Any person can get addicted to drugs willingly or unwillingly.

  • The costs of alcohol increase as the alcoholic person builds tolerance to the drug in his or her system;
  • These people have this fear that because it's a family member, they don't want to ruin anyone's 'reputation'!!
  • In many societies, a woman who drinks seems to signal that she is at least approachable, and to some men an intoxicated woman is by definition sexually available.

Lately the youth seems to have become a major part of the population which is pro drug abuse and this could be because of any reason- the company, a temporary solution to problems or medication. Drug abuse in most cases affects the brain because if stops your nerve sells from sending and receiving the message to or from the brain, and because it is an unnatural phenome, it can hamper the way your brain functions forever.

“Why I Will Say NO to Alcohol and Drugs” Essay Contest for Washington Eighth Graders

How to fight it? Fight against drug abuse has been one of the most difficult struggles for mankind because getting other people to agree that drugs have a bad long term effect is very difficult. Many people believe that there is absolutely nothing bad about the intake of drugs because they keep in mind only the present situation and totally ignore the long term effect.

Say no to drugs and alcohol

Talk about it — Talking about the cons of drug abuse may help you or your friends and family come out of the misconception that drugs donot harm the functioning of the brain. Talking about it will also bring out other myths that are related to drug intake and can open the eyes of many who usually treat it as a very casual thing. Putting a thought into the drug taking habit of the Indian society will help us curb the use of drugs and promote healthy living.

Say No To Drugs Essay

They help a person to get out of the habit by decreasing the dose gradually and eventually getting rid of the habit totally.

Here you are not stopping the use of drugs all at once because the human body may react to it adversely and make the condition of the person even worse.

  • Cocaine Cocaine can cause abnormal heartbeats , which may cause a deadly heart attack, seizure, or stroke;
  • It also constricts the coronary arteries, thereby lessening the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle.

NGOs have more reach and with the help of volunteers they go to different places to spread the message against drug abuse. You could join one yourself or help your family or friend get the help they require.

  1. In addition, cocaine's effects on the nervous system disrupt the normal rhythm of the heart, causing arrhythmias irregular heartbeats.
  2. Often, an interventionist is invited to serve as a guide and educator before, during, and after the intervention.
  3. Affect schoolwork and cause young people to lose interest in school and their future. Prescription drugs, such as diazepam for example, Valium and methylphenidate Ritalin.
  4. Suddenly, it becomes much easier to wait until the last minute to cram for that exam or to crank. About this resource This Sociology essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

Push yourself — Once you know that you are not at a very good place, try and quit. It may take a while to get used to it, you may feel like giving in to the cravings but just be strict with yourself.

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Also, talk to people about it, there are chances that you may slip into depression and that will only make the situation worse. To win this fight you will need support and will power.

  • Parents can play a key part in teaching their children about alcohol and drug use by talking honestly and openly about the effects that alcohol and drugs can have on their children's health, schoolwork, and relationships;
  • For example, they may want to know what it feels like to get high;
  • More recently, the focus has been on such drinking patterns on college and university campuses and what they mean for the development of problem drinking patterns later in life;
  • Experts recommend that parents look for a pattern or a number of changes in appearance, behaviour, and attitude, not just one or two of the changes listed here;
  • Some drug addicts can and do recognize the extent of the problems stemming from drug abuse and seek treatment without the need for an intervention;
  • Because the effects of cigarettes are felt right away, they may be the most habit-forming substance available.

Drug abuse can be looked at as an enemy of the society, it is eating up the youth. It is engulfing more and more people every single day and getting rid of it should become our first priority. Help the people who are hanging in the middle of nowhere, talk to them, help them out of it. Be that one guiding light for them and them get out of this awful habit.