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Essay questions for of mice and men gcse

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I could write for three hours about just this tiny passage. So I need to prioritise.

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Three main points with two or three examples from the text. So he uses symbolism cutting off the light and he uses colour.

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He describes her appearance and he describes how she moves and talks. His use of colour and symbolism is particularly significant in painting a picture of her as something dangerous and forbidden. This little detail tells us that she brings darkness with her. Not only that, but the colour is out of place on the farm, and out of place in the bunkroom.

Of Mice And Men Essay Questions

It says a lot about her as a character, that she has chosen such a colour. She is presented as a temptress, seductive and overtly feminine, and yet in a way it seems that she is just using her clothes and appearance as a way to get attention. It just reinforces how different she is and how she is not cut out for life on a farm.

She has no place here.

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I know I have left a lot out of this response, but that is the way that it is when you only have ten minutes to address a topic. Hopefully I covered the main points.

Then I would have to focus on the second half of the question about attitudes to women.

  • He describes her appearance and he describes how she moves and talks;
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A lot to handle in 45 minutes! The main purpose, then, of your close response, is to show that you can interpret evidence and you can read the text carefully.

Example response to GCSE English Literature questions on “Of Mice and Men”

Do this by picking out everything useful, then narrowing down to the most important. You can obviously practise this and it will prepare you for the exam. You want to go from all the evidence to the most important evidence as quickly as you can, without missing anything vital.

Next time, I will look at the wider question and show you a modelled answer exploring attitudes to women.