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Auteur essay tarantino and lee moulding emotions essay

Hire Writer Within three days I experienced eleven different emotions. Five of those emotions were primary and six of the emotions were secondary. Determination, one of the secondary emotions I experienced was facilitative, because being determined made me want to try harder to finish the task I was doing. For example, when I was trying to do homework with my kids I was determined to get it done, so I kept going until it was completed. Fear and anger were two emotions I experienced that are debilitative because I had a hard time controlling my rational behavior.

For example, I experienced fear because a huge dog was loose at the park. That got me to start thinking again and we left the park. The emotion of fear became debilitative for me because the dog was loose with no owner. To my surprise the emotions I experienced in the three days were mostly intense. Out of the eleven emotions I experienced, only three were mild. It was a mild happiness. An example of my intense emotion is when I got angry. On day one in the evening of day one my kids would not listen when told multiple times to pick up their toys.

Auteur essay tarantino and lee moulding emotions essay

It got to the point that I raised my voice at them and my hands started shaking. Then I had to call my husband to intervene because I needed time to calm down.

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The emotions I experienced during the inventory were mostly typical. I was trying to do homework and I felt miserable because I was nauseas and I had a fever. Typically, when I do homework I feel motivated or excited that I am almost done.

That same day in the evening I felt helpless which is also out of the ordinary for me.

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My typical emotions during the day are happy, irritated, annoyed, proud, loved, determined, scared, and excited. Studying the subject of emotions and doing this inventory made me realize I have some fallacies I tend to fall into almost every day.

I realized that a lot of the time it takes me up to an hour to decide because I want people to approve of what I am wearing.

Quentin tarantino auteur essay

No one has ever told me that I am easy to read or that my emotions show on my face. When in public I only show emotions that are appropriate. If I am angry at the person or upset with someone I tend to hide my emotion until I feel comfortable telling them.

The least freely where I express my emotions are out in public, because of the fallacy of approval. It matters what people think of me. Doing this exercise has taught me that there are different kinds of emotions. Primary emotions are emotions that are hard wired into human beings, and secondary emotions make up primary emotions. I learned how to analyze what emotion I am feeling. I learned the valence of emotion.

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One emotion that you would usually think is negative can be both positive and negative. Also, I learned the word fallacy and how it relates to emotions. Last, I learned the difference between emotion and mood which I before I thought was the same thing.

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