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The story of the godess of chastity artemis

No more than few days old, she helped her mother Leto give birth to her twin brother Apollo.

Portrayal and Symbolism Sculptors, poets, and painters, however, had no such problems. Artemis is almost universally depicted as a young, beautiful and vigorous huntress carrying a quiver with arrows and holding a bow, typically wearing a short knee-high tunic and often accompanied by some animal stag, doe, or hunting dogs.

As a moon goddess, she is sometimes represented wearing a long robe and a crescent moon crown.

  1. Nor does faction wound their race--faction which ravages even the well-established houses. The Arcadian Artemis is a goddess of the nymphs, and was worshipped as such in Arcadia in very early times.
  2. As the huntress, she is tall, nimble, and has small hips; her forehead is high, her eyes glancing freely about, and her hair tied up behind in such a manner, that some locks float down her neck; her breast is covered, and the legs up to the knees are naked, the rest being covered by the chlamys. Of islands, Dolikhe [Ikaria] hath found favour with thee, of cities Perge [in Pamphylia], of hills Taygetos [in Lakedaimonia], the havens of Euripos [in Euboia].
  3. The bear was sacred to her.
  4. Some traditions stated, that Artemis made Iphigeneia immortal, in the character of Hecate, the goddess of the moon.

However, Leto got to the island of Delos and gave birth to Artemis while balancing herself on an olive branch. When Hera heard this, she prohibited her daughter Eileithyiathe goddess of childbirth, of further helping Leto.

  1. Artemis acted out in anger whenever her wishes were disobeyed, especially if anyone transgressed against the animals that were sacred to her. Artemis was worshiped in most Greek cities but only as a secondary deity.
  2. So — just like Athena and Hestia — she remained chaste for eternity. Brauronia and the festival of Artemis Orthia.
  3. When one of her nymphs was seduced by Zeus, Artemis transformed her into a bear and then killed her.

This postponed the birth of Apollo for nine days. When Niobe — a mother of six boys and as many girls — boasted that while Leto gave birth to two gods, she delivered a whole Olympus, Apollo and Artemis killed all her children. On another occasion, Tityus tried to rape Leto. Artemis, the Vengeful Virgin Goddess When Artemis was still a little maid, she asked from her father Zeus to keep her maidenhood forever.

So — just like Athena and Hestia — she remained chaste for eternity. And she guarded this vow even more vigorously than them.

🏹 Artemis

Needless to add, Actaeon was ripped apart to pieces. So, he was punished less severely: Artemis transformed him into a girl. Artemis and Orion Others tried to rape Artemis ; none of them lived to tell. The most famous story involves Oriona long-time hunting companion of hers. And was merciless if any one of her priestesses ever lost it.

Artemis and Hippolytus Just as she punished the transgressors of the sacred vow, Artemis rewarded those who kept it. So as to devote himself to a chaste life, Hippolytus scorned Aphrodite after which the goddess of love made his stepmother fall in love with him.

The Goddess of Chastity

However, Artemis called upon Asclepius and resurrected Hippolytus as a new man, who subsequently ruled in Italy under the name of Virbius. Artemis and Iphigenia In the case of IphigeniaArtemis substituted the girl with a deer just as Iphigenia was about to be sacrificed by her father, Agamemnon.

Afterward, she took Iphigenia with her in Tauris and made her a priestess of her cult.