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The effects of poverty on an individual

The effects of poverty on an individual can be multiple and various.

First an essential need of an individual is food. Eating is what makes you strong. When you are poor, food is your first worry.

How do you get strength when you have nothing to eat? You see poor people struggle with food availability. Even when they have some food, that fact does not mean it s a good or healthy food. Malnutrition is so common for poor people. If we take countries like Rwanda in Africa, you can see a lot of children starving, sometimes to death. When you are poor, you usually have problems with heath care and your health. You can see websites like fundme. I remember my grandpa, who was a healthy man.

He was admitted to the hospital because he has prostate cancer. His case was bad because he waited so long without going to see a doctor to check himself. As a result of his lack of funds, my grand pa died from prostate cancer.

Third, being homeless is also a common effect of poverty. Even in a country like the United States, you can see a lot homeless people. They might get food and some help, but homelessness is now a culture in the United States. Fourth, a poor person can end up begging or in some form of delinquency, such as robbery or prostitution.

2.4 The Consequences of Poverty

Some people even go so far as to become criminals and drug dealers and put their lives in danger. You can see them in the street, begging for money or food. Their parents send them to a supposedly Koranic teacher to teach them religion, but the parents want to avoid the responsibility of their kids because they are poor. Similarly, prostitution is also an outcome of poverty; I remember I had a classmate who was a girl.

Effects of Poverty | Impact on Children & Society

Her dad passed away and left a lot of debt. All of their property was seized, and they could not pay any bills.

  1. Many poor families spend more than half their income on rent, and they tend to live in poor neighborhoods that lack job opportunities, good schools, and other features of modern life that wealthier people take for granted. For other physiological reasons, high levels of stress also affect the immune system, so that poor children are more likely to develop various illnesses during childhood and to have high blood pressure and other health problems when they grow older, and cause other biological changes that make poor children more likely to end up being obese and to have drug and alcohol problems.
  2. In the past since the resources were limited and also there was no technology, poverty was wide spread. People my engage into cheating, flesh trade, smuggling etc.
  3. By comparison, other Western democracies had the rates depicted in the figure that follows.
  4. Poverty in general affects living standard, health, education, children and the society as a whole. New York Times, p.

Their mum was unethical and made her little girl did home prostitution that mean people are coming in their house and pay for the time. It was embarrassing, but his mother did not care because for her that was the only way to get out poverty. Sixth, people respond to their poverty differently.

A positive behavior can be a big hope for the future like everything going to be all right. We have seen a lot of people starting from nothing and being homeless to being rich and wealthy because they believe they can make it. On the other handwe see some poor people who so hopeless and think nothing is going to change because they let other people judge themand they judge themselves.

Poverty is one of the biggest problems in the world. Poverty affects people in multiple ways. The causes are many, but there is always a way out and hope even if one cannot see it.