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Nickel and dimed grade 95 response paper book nickel and d

Ehrenreich, a woman who has a Ph. She tries to make ends meet on the following jobs: Well, at least they're shocking to someone who's never had to struggle to make ends me Ehrenreich, a woman who has a Ph.

Well, at least they're shocking to someone who's never had to struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table.

See a Problem?

There's always this niggling knowledge that Ehrenreich can pick up and leave at any time - that this is still an experiment to her. Of course, people who work two minimum-wage jobs and live out of their car do not have this luxury.

However, I feel like Ehrenreich realizes this and is respectful of it, not that she's looking down on the poor or "slumming it. People know me as a waitress, a cleaning person, a nursing home aide, or a retail clerk not because I acted like one but because that's what I was, at least for the time I was with them. This book could be brutal and very depressing.

Luckily for the reader, Ehrenreich has a wonderful sense of humor that she employs to great effect - and this takes some of the edge off of the horrible things she is relating. There were some folks - mainly managers and bosses - who I wanted to punch in the face after reading this. It's obscene what some corporations get away with and how greatly they take advantage of and exploit their workers.

Of course, people in third-world countries probably think the life Ehrenreich is describing is 'easy living. Ehrenreich frequently employed fantasies and daydreams to get her through the hell of her daily life during this time period. For example, when she was a waitress: Sometimes I play with the fantasy that I am a princess who, in penance for some tiny transgression, has undertaken to feed each of her subjects by hand.

Nickel and dimed grade 95 response paper book nickel and d

Or when she is a maid, she thinks about some rich people who pay to go to monasteries and do labor to 'cleanse their soul. One of the most crushing scenes in the book is when a teammate maid that she works with breaks her ankle on the job and just keeps cleaning, hobbling around the house and refusing to go to the hospital because she can't afford not to work.

It's heart-rending, and Ehrenreich goes through so many emotions, unsure of what to do - or even what she CAN do. There's a lot of this, but that section was the hardest to read about. Ehrenreich is stunned when she realizes that people who work two jobs and have zero luxuries are still in poverty and can't even afford food and shelter. I thought the book was amazing, and highly recommend it for everybody who is an American or lives in America. Or is interested in America. Whether you are nodding your head because you know what it's like to live in this kind of hell, or whether you - like Ehrenreich - are shocked and appalled by what is really going on with the poor in America - this book is a great read.

This is definitely a book I will buy - I had post-it notes on almost every single page, and it was brimming with truth, humor, and emotion. She only touches briefly on sexual harassment, but let me add as a personal aside that there are thousands of women who just 'grin and bear it' and have no recourse but to tolerate this kind of crap on the job because they feel that they have no other choice.

  • Who else would want to read a first-person account of waistressing, housecleaning, retail and nursing home work?
  • Did you really live like a low-wage worker or did you ever cheat?
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  • In this world, she was only average.

Despite what the media would have you believe, not many people care and certainly no one is going to rescue you or take you out of that situation. It is SO damaging and humiliating and degrading and tons of women are just stuck with these kind of working conditions. Again, Ehrenreich only briefly touches on this - but the food provided to the poor by food pantries is NOT fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy stuff.

When my friend who is morbidly obese was raising her five kids as a single mom and living on welfare, working two jobs and struggling every day to make ends meet went to the food pantry she was invariably presented with doughnuts, bread, cookies, refried beans, etc. The idea that my friend was a.

Nickel and Dimed

Really so, so angry. Ehrenreich herself, being a thin woman, exhibits signs of fat-hatred in this book, ranting internally against "corpulent Minnesotans" and bemoaning fat people for being a burden on her and society.

  • Ehrenreich, a woman who has a Ph;
  • Summary Analysis Though one might think someone who has a Ph;
  • Overall, I think the employers of lower class people treat those people with disdain and put a lot of pressure on employees.

I didn't like this. It would have been eviscerating. She would be living on a lower level of service hell if these things were not true. Of course, if she HAD gone into all this stuff, the book would be about 500 pages and not a quick, occasionally funny read.

And it's important that this read comes off as "quick and sometimes funny" because this is an important message that needs to be received by as many Americans as possible.

And non-Americans, for that matter.