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Two sides of christopher columbus an audacious adventurer or a symbol of genocide and slavery

Two sides of christopher columbus an audacious adventurer or a symbol of genocide and slavery

For hundredz of yearz, Columbus has had a special place in the history of the New World. To Afrikanz, celebrating Columbus Day is actually celebrating the mass destruction of our own people! Instead of a day where we see parades and floats down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, it should be a day of mourning. Not only was Columbus part of the initial european conquest of the world, his legacy serves as a blockade to the real history behind the purposely-covered fact that there were otherz, including Afrikanz not only in the America's, but sailed from other parts of the world to here well before him.

Still there's something historianz marvel Columbus for than the otherz. If you ask me, it's that thing that resides in YTs nature, the barbaric act of violence! He claimed everything he saw when he set foot on these territories.

Native landz, mineral wealth, natural resources, and even the inhabitants immediately became European "property. Columbus introduced two phenomena that revolutionized race relationz and transformed the modern world: The New World fascinated YT, most notably the elite.

This obsession was directly responsible for a rise in European self-consciousness. From the beginning, America was perceived as an "opposite" to Europe in wayz that even Afrika never had been.

In a sense, there was no "Europe" before 1492. People were simply French, Tuscan, etc. Now they began to see similarities among themselves, at least when compared to the native from the Americas.

Basically, until the first Indianz and Afrikanz arrived, there were no "white" people in Europe before 1492. With the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Europeanz began seein' "white" as a race and race as an important human characteristic. Columbus' own writingz reflect this increasing ideology on racizm.

When he tried selling Queen Isabella on the wonderz of the Americas, the Indianz were "well built" and "of quick intelligence.

They have very good customize," he wrote, "and the king maintains a very marvelous state, of a style so orderly that it is a pleasure to see it, and they have good memories and they wish to see everything and ask what it is and for what it is used. This change had to be in Columbus. History has shown YT cares little of indigenous culture and viewz the local population as nothing more than a slave labor force.

As a result, they began to disappear as the European invaderz advanced. Disease, forced labor, invasion, and conquest caused the deaths of millionz, something YTs clever enough to leave out of their history books. It is this mass enslavement that provided America and Europe with its vast resources of wealth, natural resources, and free labor that enabled them to gain world domination mainly on the backs of Afrikan and other indigenous people.

Even though it has been historically documented there were otherz including Afrikanz who travelled to the America's hundredz if not thousandz of yearz before Columbus, there was one thing that set him apart from the other explorerz.

The hidden jewel is the fact that Columbus is responsible for the murder of millionz of indigenous people. Let's be clear, if the life of Columbus continues to be celebrated, then hedz should be made aware of his entire life. By his own admission, he described himself as a slave trader — probably having sent some 5000 more than any other individual, starting first in Afrika then bringing this practice to the Americas — and a conquerer. I think he was bein' modest.

I would add he was an invader, pirate, savage, and probably the worldz first serial killer! I mean, this man should be added to the notorious list of murdererz which include Napoleon, the Rothschild click, Cecil Rhodes, Hitler, Stalin, Jim Jones, even the George Bush family to name a few! Tallying the total number of victimz will probably never be known, but they may likely surpass the amount of hedz just mentioned. Columbus was a different kind of killer.

Only in a whiteman's society can a man who instigated the genocide of a people be widely celebrated for it. He was responsible for slaughtering, enslaving, and exploiting Native inhabitants and Afrikanz the moment he arrived to the New World, causing a massive epidemic, along with European diseases that claimed countless lives.

What emerges from this hallow-day is not only the memory of the bloodshed that he caused, but also the accompanying sainthood he's received serving as YTs tribute and praise of white dominion by way of widespread destruction.

By the way, there's insurmountable evidence that show Columbus wasn't the first European to reach the Americas.

Two sides of christopher columbus an audacious adventurer or a symbol of genocide and slavery

As a matter of fact, he never claimed to have done so; white historianz did it for him. By this time, our Afrikan Ancestorz already knew the earth was round and sailed here as early as 1500BC; almost 3000 yearz before Columbus.

Thanks to the work of Ivan Van Sertima, this is proven by the numerous unmistakably Afrikan-featured Olmec Headz 17 found to date that were sculpted in the Gulf of Mexico region. During Columbus' era the 15th centurythe greatest mindz of europe were still thinking Earth was flat.

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Actually, Columbus thought the earth was pear-shaped and was way off on his calculationz about the size of Earth as well as the distance between Europe and Asia. As said, Columbus wasn't the discoverer of the Americas and although he was the vital piece to the european conquest of this part of the world, he wasn't the first at that either. So actually, Erikson was the man who pioneered european colonization. But I digress, this piece is about Columbus, hedz know who he is or do we?

Not only do we find one as the root word of the other, it is also the original name of this infamous pirate, Christopher Columbus! A 'colonic' is a procedure that uses irrigation to clean the colon for therapeutic benefits.

In this case, water is symbolic for caucasianz as they flooded the globe with their terrorist crusades to conquer land and its inhabitants. Columbus' real name was Cristobol Colon! Some additional facts you won't find in YTs history books are: He was searching for the "East" looking for, among other thingz, spices and other commodities to help a starving Europe to preserve their meats. Since Europeanz did not, at that time, have knowledge of longitude and latitude, Colon ended up sailing West to the Caribbean Islandz.

Arriving there, he called the Indigenous people "Indianz", thinking he was in the "East Indies" near the Asian country of India. Thus, he re-named all of the Indigenous people "Indianz" which was not their natural names. He later had Afrikan navigatorz on board who knew longitude and latitude. He landed in the Caribbean islandz. Upon landing there, he received reports of Afrikanz having visited there long before his voyages.

In fact, Afrikanz had sailed to the Pacific Islandz at least 1000 yearz before Colon and traveled to the western hemisphere at least 2000 yearz before he was even born!

This was facilitated by Papal Bulles, another name for proclamationz, statues, or a bill, issued by Popes of the Christian Roman Catholic Church. In 1455, the Pope issued a bulle to Portugal authorizing it to reduce to servitude, better put, enslave "infidelz" or non-christian people. The Pope gave the eastern half Afrika, etc.

Colon came to the Americas representing Spain. Britain, France, and other enslaving European countries did not follow this protocol and the mad dash to slice up the world for European benefit began and its damaging effects persist to this day. When we analyze the Columbus Day Parade, which again happenz every second Monday in October since 1929, it beginz on Fifth Avenue at 47th street and goes on up to 79th Street.

Is there any surprise the day starts out with, 'Columbus Day Mass' which takes place at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue and 50th Street?!!? Remnants of Slavery in New York '.

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When you do, you'll see of the many monuments, statues, parks, and streets names, most are of men who should be considered criminalz to humanity because they either were in on the origin or participated in the enslavement of Afrikanz and exploitation of our resources.

Juan conspired with Columbus, drawing a divider of the world between the two Catholic kingdomz. Any and everything west of the line would go to Columbus and Spain, everything east, to Juan and Portugal. What hedz don't know is accompanying his lust of invasion, Columbus had an insatiable appetite for greed. He demanded from Spain one third, one eighth, and one tenth of everything found in the New World. He convinced them of a few islandz he could explore not revealing the vast land and riches the Guinea route and South America had.

He basically told the King and Queen South America was an island so he could have the rest for himself. Because of this and other growing skepticizmz they had with him dealing with the Portuguese Isabella started to become suspicious. History doesn't talk much about his partnerz-in-crime and blood-brotherz, Bartholomew and Giacomo.

Bartholomew built a colony in Espanola named after the Queen, Isabela, then moving to a new settlement called Santo Domingo near newfound gold mines. Rebellion from the settlerz soon evolved forcing Columbus to request a judge be sent from Ferdinand and Isabella to calm thingz in the fall of 1500AD.

Little did he know this judge really came to strip Columbus of his title as governor and viceroy and actually arrest him and his brotherz. They were seized, placed in chainz and dragged back to Spain naked and in disgrace. On December 17, 1500, he went before the royal court and was given back stolen his riches but not his titles.

He spent the remaining six yearz of his life trying to, as historianz put it, restore his "honor" as if his deedz were honorable well they were if you were white. But his pillaging didn't end there. Now that YT was able to continue their global conquest, on May 9, 1502, he was granted a fourth voyage with instructionz to search for gold, silver, precious stones, spices, and other riches and was told to stay away from Hispaniola.

Of course he did the opposite, landing at Santo Domingo on June 29th, partly because of an oncoming hurricane. After the hurricane he sailed to Central America. The voyage took a toll on his ships forcing him to land in Jamaica instead of a return to Hispaniola. Literally shipwrecked, he and his men were marooned on the island. The people of Jamaica grew tired of providing food for these pirates.

In response, Columbus came up with one of his tricks.

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Using an almanac he had, he threatened to punish the islanderz by taking light away from the Moon. On the night of February 29, 1504, there was a lunar eclipse, but the people of Jamaica were unaware, so they believed Columbus' alleged spell.

They immediately went back to providing for them realize the kind of devious manipulator he was to even come up with that. On his first voyage, Columbus kidnapped some ten to twenty-five Indianz and brought them to Spain.

Only seven or eight of the Indianz arrived alive, but along with the parrots, gold trinkets, and other exotica, YT began to froth at the mouth. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella immediately provided Columbus with seventeen ships, about 1,500 men, cannonz, crossbows, gun, cavalry, and attack dogz for a second voyage.

This savage documented all this in his own journal! On October 13, 1492, his initial encounter with the Arawaks, he wrote, "At daybreak great multitudes of men came to the shore, all young and of fine shapes, and very handsome.